Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pittsburgh Penguins: Team Name for the Birds

Hope everyone had a good holiday. I have been really busy recently and the news has been slow. Really the only thing going on is MLB and the World Cup. I already broke down the World Cup uniforms. As a fan watching the games, I am rooting for Holland although Germany has been really fun to watch. I would like to see that match up in the finals. With baseball going on, I get bored writing about the different uniform match ups since their seems to be way to many options. For anyone who paid attention over the past weekend, all the teams wore those awful Stars and Stripes caps that don't match majority of the teams uniforms (more on that later in the week). Anyways, I came across this item that was posted on Uniwatch. It's the original article from when the Penguins team name was announced. And it didn't sound like too many people, fans, front office, the media, were really fond of it. But that's the name to board approved and that's history. Now you have one of the most popular and successful franchises in the NHL. I found one thing funny. They came up with a stock uniform before the team name was even announced. And they further more sounded happy they did so they could keep their distance from the team name, Penguins. To see the article, click here, and then it should take you to the page on a story about Bill Mazoroski. On the right there is a view finder and drag it to the left to the little circle on the left, above the picture of two guys in suits. That's the Pens logo and you can read it in larger area. Great article.