Friday, May 28, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #1 Celtics

Well here it is the #1 NBA logo. And if you hadn't figured it out on your own by who was left, then you need to read my blog more often. The Celtics. I can't decide what's the niftiest aspect of this logo: The guy winking at you; the fact he has a pipe; the fact that he is wearing a vest, tie, and hat with shamrocks on it; the casual way he's spinning a basketball on his finger while leaning on a cane. There is so much to like about this logo. It's silly yet intimidating. It's ridiculous yet surprisingly vogue. This is something a lot of teams need to learn. Not all logos need to be menacing, mean, or trendy. They need to be good. But you see this you think winner. You think Bird, Russell, Hondo, Rondo, Garnett, Pierce, McHale, Parrish, DJ, and Cowens. It represents so much. What's even better about the Celtics is their secondary logo would still be #1. They just get it. So that's it. The C's get the title.
I hope you enjoyed the rankings. I'll be back Monday with a breakdown of what's been going on in MLB this season. Lot's of throwback going on. Peace...

Ranking Primary NBA Logos: #2 Bulls

The Bulls started play in 1966 and in their history, this is the only logo they have ever known. This logo is solid even without the fact that 6 titles in the 90's, MJ and Pippen, Rodman and Kerr, Rose and Deng, and all they great players they've had in their history (even Luc Longley looked cool with it). What is even cooler than this logo is the robot conspiracy that surrounds it. Seriously, people think that.The Bulls never need to change this even if they just want to tweak it. They've had the same uniforms since their inception (take away the away reds with the script Chicago which MJ came into the league with). In fact that's a great quality with all Chicago teams. All of their teams have held almost the exact original logo for their existences. Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs; of course there are the White Sox who have had the quirkiest logo and uni changes of most teams (shorts, the 80's). That could be a fun column, the best (and worst) logos by a city. Might have to do that one.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #3 76ers

I was trying to think of a good analogy of how the 76ers ended up back where they started. So I came up with this. The 76ers and their logo are like a long marriage that after 33 years they couple has had some good times, some bad times but ultimately they split up and both decide they need out. After the break up, they hook up with a younger and what they think is a hipper person that makes them feel like a kid again and they start being different people then they actually are. The new people in their lives are a little dysfunctional and questionable in their behaviors, but they feel different than what they used to feel. But then after about 10 years, the couple realizes things weren't so bad. they had a lot of good times and as they enter their twilight of their years, they decide they always loved each other and reunite, putting things back were they should have been all along. But they needed that break to have the understanding that they were meant to be. Well that's how the Sixers have been with their logos. They flipped over to this, trying to capitalize on the hip-hop thug era from their best player, Allen Iverson. It matched him perfectly. But after he left they started to remember, "We had Doc, Wilt, Moses, and Barkley. We had some really great times and are a proud, iconic organization. This is what we are." So they changed back to their old look. Things should have never changed but without that change, they never realized what they had.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ranking Primary NBA Logos: #4 Pistons

Well I've read some different opinions on the Pistons logo. Some say it's bad, some say it's good. To me I think if really good. Yes it's plain but let's go into my "way back" time machine and to 1996...

The Pistons drafted Grant Hill and looked like they had a new franchise player and we're trying to move the team away from the "Bad Boys" and usher in a new era. Someone in the front office said "I have a terrible idea!" and the Pistons decided it wasn't and went with it. Or they said "screw it, why not?" and decided to change their team colors and logo to this monstrosity. After 5 years they realized that this was unbelievably awful and tried to fix it by going back to the original colors. Nope still not any good. Flash back through the time portal to 2005 and the Pistons learned and went back to the basics. And we're back to the present. Sometimes flashy can be crappy. Stay classy, Detroit. (A side note: the only logo change the Pistons are allowed to do is go back to the "Bad Boys" era logo. Some one please send the memo.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals: Flyers vs. Blackhawks

The absolute best championship series is about to begin, the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We have a pretty classic match up with the Blackhawks, an original six team versus the Flyers, an original expansion team. What a perfect combo to breakdown and pick a winner compared from a logo and uniforms perspective. I'm going to do something a little different and track the match ups as games and score them. First to 4 wins...This could go seven.


Two absolute classics. The Blackhawks have pretty much used the indian head as their logo since 1926, using this current version since 1964 interestingly enough longer than the Flyers have been a franchise. The Flyers have never strayed away from this flying "P" ever since they came into the league in 1967, along with the Penguins and Blues (and the Seals and North Stars who no longer are with us). I've never been as in love with the Blackhawks' logo for several reasons but most notably the weird grin on the guy's face and never really understood the yellow lines inside his head.  But when it comes to logos, this is one of the all-time most iconic and I would possibly put it in the top 5 of all professional sports (maybe if I need to write something for an entire year I will do that. Hmmm, ranking all logos in the 4 major sports...that could be one hell of a project). But let it be noted the Flyers are no pansies in the logo fight. I'm going to score game one 4-2 but the Blackhawks scored an empty netter to seal it. Blackhawks lead 1-0


With the Flyers trailing 1-0 in the series, could they tie it up and make this a fight? The Blackhawks wear red home unis, the Flyers wear orange. Both teams look blazing bright when hosting an opponent. So what can we breakdown to give someone an advantage. Both teams wear black pants. The Blackhawks have some sock striping that looks nice. But when it comes down to it, I like the Flyers home set better. To me the Blackhawks' red set has always seemed odd to me for one main reason: the Blackhawks logo with the different colored feathers just doesn't lay well on red. The colors clash too much with the red and make it look messy. The Flyers on the other hand went old school, went two toned with orange and white (they do have black on the sleeves but it's on the sleeve cuffs and blends into the gloves so it's barely noticeable) and the black Flyers' logo stands out so much nicer on the orange. And some people hate it, some love it. I love the white name plate placed on the back. It's so simple to do but yet so original. Flyers tie this up with a 3-2 victory. SERIES TIED 1-1


Well where the Flyers have the advantage in the home uni, they fall way short in the away. The Blackhawks white uniform is one of the best if not the best in the NHL. The logo looks so great on the white and the beautiful striping on the sleeves and hemline are gorgeous (am I flirting with a jersey?). The Flyers on the other hand have average white jerseys and the Reebok re-design makes them kind of look like how WNBA and college women's basketball players wear their jerseys. Puke! (not about Diana Turasi or the Mercury uniforms but the Lifelock soccer like sponsorship deal is sad. But hey that league needs all the money they can get. We'll deal with them later...maybe never.) Blackhawks win huge 5-0. Blackhawks lead 2-1


Let's make this simple: Blackhawks. Flyers. Not even close. Blackhawks win big again 6-1. Blackhawks lead 3-1.


Well, this is a hard one to judge. Mostly because the Blackhawks have one and the Flyers don't. They did try this but they pretty much have scrapped using it and when it's almost the exact same thing as your actual logo, does it even count? So in my book, when you have one alternate logo that a team has been using literally before the other team was even created and stuck with it after 44 years you have to give them the edge. But dammit you have respect a team that didn't give in the the merchandising machine and create an alternate just for the hell of it. With that, Blackhawks win 3-2. Blackhawks win series 4-1.

So my Stanley Cup Finals prediction is the Blackhawks win in 5. Let's see how it plays out in real life.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #5 Lakers

Well, what else can you do when you have no lakes in your surrounding area but yet have the name Lakers? But it sounds cool with the city name Los Angeles and the first two letters of the team name are LA. Whatever, it just works. The Lakers have never strayed from this as their primary logo. They have tried some alternate logos but they are rarely used and not needed. Sometimes when you are one of the most famous teams in all of professional sports, have a deep, rich history with multiple hall of famers and championships, and one of your players is the logo of an entire league, why mess with anything? They're the freaking Lakers, do I really need to say more? Do I need to continue to use rhetorical questions to get my point across? Apparently I did.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ranking Primary NBA Logos: #6 Pacers

When you have a team name that is nearly impossible to illustrate, might as well go with something simple and iconic and stick with it. In reality, what else would you do with the team name Pacers? Have some Indy race car? Choose some arbitrary animal? No, the Pacer have done the right thing and stuck with this stylized "P" and roll with it. The Pacers have pretty much stayed with this logo since their inception but wisely changed from the original one that had some creepy hand that was molesting the basketball inside the logo. Seriously what was that about? Being pale white in color it looked like a dead arm they pull out of the Hudson River on Law and Order: SVU. They also must have not realized what a basketball looked like and when they had to come up with something, all they had laying around was a tennis ball because that's what they put. Anyways, the Pacers logo is a good one and it's simplistic beauty needed to be recognized.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #7 Trail Blazers

For anyone who has asked "What the hell is the Blazers logo?", here is what I pulled from Wikipedia: The team's "pinwheel" logo, originally designed by the cousin of former Blazer executive Harry Glickman, is a graphic interpretation of two five-on-five basketball teams lined up against each other. So there you go. It's strange but identifiable and a classic. I'm not saying it's even a great logo but some respect has to be paid when it's survived the test of time. It's one of those logos that will live with be this team and it should. Can you picture the Blazers with anything else? My only complaint is that they just put "Blazers" inside the box. The team name is the Trail Blazers (BTW one of the few that have a team name that is 2 separate words and one of two that one of the 2 words isn't color related; the other being the Maple Leafs). I am not a fan of nicknames of nicknames being used. But that being said, I love the originality and the lasting appeal.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Warriors are ready for a rebranding!

The Warriors team page is completely stripped of all logos and is very generic. I also noticed a small jersey leak on the right hand side of the page. Looks like they are going back to the old colors (which I suggested in their ranking). I have linked a couple times to this image, showing several upcoming changes. As you can see they are bringing back the Golden Gate Bridge back into their logo and going completely conservative. I like it but I want to see how it translates on courst. I would like to get a Stephon Curry jersey and I'm glad I waited.

As for the others pictured on the image, the Jazz , Cavs, Magic, and Suns are or were just in playoff battles so it may be a while before we see some major turnover. However the Bobcats have moved into rebranding with the full faced logo (which I suggested in their ranking). Major improvement in Charlotte. Their web site is using that logo to the right all over their team page. Looks like that is happening.

Let's see how these play out.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #8 Heat

What is round and red and yellow all over? The Miami Heat's logo (what expecting a lame joke?). Oh yes, the Heat have used this beauty since their inception, basically changing the coloration a little over that time (basically just simplifying it but still the basic concept and identity). What is so impressive about this logo? In 1988 the Heat and Hornets joined the NBA as expansion teams. In 1989, the Timberwolves, Magic formed. In 1995, the Vancouver Grizzlies and Raptors came in. Since then the Grizzlies moved to Memphis, Hornets to New Orleans, Bobcats into Charlotte and the Supersonics moved to OKC. Oh and the Bullets became the Wizards. All those teams have redone and redone their logos and identities 12 times all together. The Heat still going strong after 22 year So I am crowning them the king of logos since the 2nd expansion era of the NBA (the one that about killed the NBA in the 90's and 00's more than the high schoolers). This is one of those classic cases where if you get it right the first time, you never have to change it again. This one is holding up just as much as any classic logo from the original teams. So much that when you see just the flaming basketball you know it's the Heat.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #9 Spurs

The Spurs have actually been using this logo since the 2002-2003 season, but it feels like it's been their logo forever. Which is weird because they have actually had two other variations in their long history, dating back to the ABA. I think it seems like this since for the most part the team hasn't changed looks or colors on the their uniforms.  In 90's, the Spurs for some reason used this monstrosity as a logo. Thank god they didn't incorporate the colors on their logo into their uniforms. Can you imagine what the uniforms would have looked like? Oh wait you can, the 1996 All-Star game. (and we wonder why the Vancouver Grizzlies didn't succeed.) The Spurs are one of the few teams that don't put the city name on the away set, which is a good thing. San Antonio is too wordy for uniforms. Same reason San Francisco and Philadelphia hardly ever appear on jerseys (hey Oklahoma City, this is you and your away set). If I have any complaint about this logo, it's a little plain. But that's the kind of team the Spurs are: plain but really good. It's perfect for this team.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #10 Nets

Well, well we've moved into my top ten. The top ten as I previously stated are ones that I feel don't need to be changed. I may suggest a tweak or support a minor adjustment, but overall leave it alone. My #10 logo might be surprising, the New Jersey Nets. The Nets were dog shit this year but that logo is a keeper. What I love about the Nets logo is it's the only logo in any of the 4 Major sports that looks totally 3-D. I'm not talking about a little bevel or shadowing for character, it is completely moved, angled, and designed to look like it is physically popping off the paper, screen, etc. It is like the Avatar of logos (although I haven't actually seen Avatar). It's not neccessarily the best logo ever but it's freaking 3-D. And the Nets came out with this 1997, so they are innovators and where way ahead of the times. So for those reasons I am putting them into my top 10 for complete originality. With that said, a funny thing about the Nets: in their entire history as the Nets (originally known as the Americans which why isn't their a team known as the Americans any more? I guess it doesn't ring as nice as Canadiens), they have never had a basketball net in any of their logos. Isn't that weird?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ranking Primary NBA Logos: #11 Magic

The Magic were born out of suggestions from the local fans and out of the four finalists - Magic, Tropics, Juice, and interesting enough Heat - Magic was clearly the best choice. So how do you illustrate Magic? They could've went the Dumbledore route because back then the Wizards were still the Bullets, but luckily they didn't. So they've went with stars; part of their identity since the beginning. It could have been worse. At least they stayed away from everything Disney even though it's obvious that's where the name generated from. As for the logo, I personally really like the swooping basketball. Like I said I don't know how else you illustrate magic any other way and at least we didn't get this.

The Magic's font in their logo is a little much and the excess of the giant stars is unnecessary. Actually overall there are too many stars (I started to laugh cause I thought about the dating video Homer made for Flanders and everything was star wipe). The Magic were a part of the leaked logos and the version I saw, they took the bolder, sharper  font the they use on their current jerseys but kept the swooshy magic ball thingy. I hope they don't change their uniforms. I have a Dwight Howard jersey and when teams switch uniforms you have to wait 4 or 5 years before it becomes "throwback" and not old and lame.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #12 Cavaliers

I always found this team name a little funny because nothing says swash buckling quite like the city of Cleveland, but hey a lot of team nicknames don't make any sense. Anyhow, the Cavaliers wizened up and came up with something that showed the full name of the team. Before then I would call them pioneers for using a nickname of a nickname as their logo. Seriously, I know most people refer to them as the Cavs but no need to give into peer pressure and make it your logo. If other teams did this we'd have the C's, Clips, and Grizz logos (a note to ATL, PHX, Sens, and Bolts, wake up and put your damn team name or city on your freaking unis). Back to the topic on hand, the Cavaliers put together a good looking logo with a crazy but not too crazy font that translates well to their jerseys. I like the color scheme but that's where I find a problem with this team and logo.


Pick a damn color scheme and use it. The Cavs have gone through four different combinations in their history and I'll rank them: #4 black-baby blue-orange; #3 royal blue-orange; #2 current maroon-navy-gold; #1 maroon-gold. The #1 was their original colors and should be their colors. The Cavs, Hawks, and Rockets all moved away from the red-yellow color scheme probably because McDonald's and Ronald McDonald became associated with those colors. But screw that, it looks nice. I linked before that showed some leaked logos that looks like the Cavs may change the gold to a yellow. Nice step in the right direction. Hope it happens. Just in time to sell new merch if they re-sign Lebron.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #13 Clippers

For a team that is the red headed bastard son of LA, they have a decent logo. Well except,for the fact it's a direct rip off of the big brother Lakers. Also for the fact that it has an extra line in it that is not on a basketball. Who let that slip through? Makes sense that some one at the Clippers hasn't seen a basketball to be able to pick a logo that it atomically correct. Besides that minor stuff, the Clips' logo isn't all that bad but not all that great either. They have a decent font that translates well to their jerseys, a solid color scheme, and is overall aesthetically pleasing. However there may be a change, slightly.


Well, I was snooping around and saw on Uniwatch that there is some possible tweaks coming our for the 2010-2011 season. Most notably they basically have a correct basketball and flipped it facing the opposite direction and the bolded the Los Angeles. None of this is confirmed but the blog (interesting blog) has leaked some tweaks for several teams. Let's see if this actually happens and if it does, full kudos to them for being the first.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Winnipeg Jets or Winnipeg Coyotes?

Big rumors being thrown around about the possibility of the return of the Winnipeg Jets. What makes more sense than putting a team in a city that is rich in hockey history, loves the game, and isn't in the desert. There are some interesting developments that could happen. Since the Coyotes used to be the Jets, then it makes sense there shouldn't be a huge problem making the switch back to the old nickname. However consider this, the NHL and the team has a whole warehouse with Coyotes gear with the howling logo stashed away somewhere. Could it be possible that the keep the Coyotes name? Makes sense. There are coyotes in Canada so changing the team name wouldn't be a slam dunk case. The league could then use the stuff that doesn't say Phoenix on it and just re-market it as Winnipeg. This could happen so the league doesn't have to clearance a boatload of merchandise. What is a shame is just when the Coyotes got it together and put a decent logo (after having a turd originally) they might have to drop it. I am all for the return of the Jets, but you just may have the Winnipeg Coyotes next season. Of course someone might step up and keep the team in Phoenix. But don't count on it. This team is hemorrhaging money. Now if we can just get back the Nordiques and Whalers back the NHL will be set. One more funny thought, How often does Vintage merchandise from a defunct team become current again?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ranking Primary NBA Logos: #14 Nuggets

The Nuggets have one of the wackiest logo history's of any professional franchise. First they had the palest miner ever in a b-ball uniform. Seriously where was this guy mining his whole life, in a cave? And he looks like he mining for cocaine and found it. Then the gay pride tetris era. So it's natural they gravitated to this modest design back in 1992. Since then they change the color scheme to the hot new "black", powder blue (seems like everyone is doing this, like belly button rings and tribal tattoos). To me this is like the girl you date after two messed up relationships. Safe and boring, but better than what you used to have and it's pretty. Maybe that's a better analogy. Ever meet a hot girl who has no personality? That's what this logo is. Pretty to look at but doesn't say much.


I personally like the old Nuggets font a lot better. At least is had some original character. I also like to script "Nuggets" they use on their third jersey. They could maybe come up with something there. Big problem is that this logo doesn't convey anything. I guess since Denver is pretty, then a pretty logo makes some sense. They need some character though. Like maybe a gold nugget that has basketball striping (I know it's a reach). I don't know. This is a tough one.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #15 Hornets

The Hornets have been for the most part unchanged even with a move from Charlotte, NC. Adding NOLA to the chest, changing from white to teal gloves and changing the grin a bit on the hornet's face is pretty much all that has been done since the move. This has always been a classic logo for the NBA and for the franchise. I would argue too that this is a logo that started the 90's craze of so many teams getting design happy, several abandoning them. This logo was different, the colors nontraditional, and was really popular back in the day. I would also argue that what was cool about this logo was not the logo itself but they had a team that had good players and one monster ad campaign by Converse. I like this logo and I like this team. Chris Paul is a top 3 point guard in the league and one of my favorite players. But there was a development that should be addressed.


The Hornets developed this baby as a 3rd logo but I think it's too good for that. To me this is a switch the team should make to the primary logo. In New Orleans, the Fleur-de-lis is the symbol of the city and with that the Fleur-de-lis Hornet is the perfect logo for the team. Plus it's super sharp. I love it. I love the old logo too. But being in NOLA it's perfect. As long as it never looks anything close to this.

Eagles Looking Good

The Philadelphia Eagles are going back to the kelly green. At least for one game, the team is going to honor the 1960 NFL Championship team with these uniforms and commorative logo. Bea-u-ti-ful. And let's just compare: Current vs. Throwbacks. Winner: Throwbacks. At least they got this round of throwbacks right. Let's not forget about these. What was that all about?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #16 Suns

The Suns haven't changed looks for the most part in a long time. They added a little detail to the basketball and some drop shadow which made the logo pop a little more. Usually I am against adding black but it worked for the Suns logo. In all reality, this is a true classic logo for a franchise. It's iconic to the Suns and the NBA. But it's never really sat right with me.


My biggest problem with the logo itself is it is hard to pull anything from it to identify from. A really strong logo to me needs to have an item that can be pulled away from it's total whole to be able to marketed. This is where it fails. The sun part inside the logo seems to be the obvious piece. However the Suns never have really done it because it's weak in pieces. And then we get crap like this. Although that logo with Suns in place of PHX may work. (I really hope the practice of taking airline letters phases out soon). This also causes their uniforms to be a mess. Until they find a way to make this work, the Suns will continue to be all over the place.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #17 Timberwolves

The Wolves have rolled with a version of this logo since the 96-97 season, having adapted it some in 2008. Most notably, the change to a much easier to read font that looked awful on the jerseys, also changing it from blue to white, and added a touch of white on the the face of the wolf. Changing the font was a huge upgrade and adding white white gave it a little more character. Still I'm not in love with this logo.

I don't know know why they need the trees. I get it that wolves live in the woods but they're not needed. The font is better but I wouldn't consider it great. I don't know what it is but quirky fonts on jerseys just aren't that great but on logos they're fine. I guess I want them to change one  to fix the other. At least the font change got rid of this turd. The old T-Wolves logo was another one that at the time needed changed but looking back, it was a keeper. But i'm not sure with this team. The old logo was never associated with any real winning however the mean wolf brings up memories of KG and runs to the Western Conference Finals. Get rid of the black. Teams just throw black into their colors sometimes and it's not needed. Plus it's lazy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #18 Bucks

The Bucks have been with this fierce looking deer since the 93-94 season. That is after completely changing their look to what was a hot thing to do in the 90's, going purple. They wisened up and went back to their roots in 2006. Back is the original colors of red and green. The green has always been a part of the team identity, a color I think is under appreciated in pro sports. I like the Bucks look and I own some apperal myself. I do have some reservations about this logo though.


I am not a big fan of the type face. I don't like the bevel and the jagged edges are not necessary. But I think it wouldn't look so sharp on the edges if they bevel was removed. I think I like the old font better but neither are great. I don't understand the big "S" on the end of Bucks. It's Bucks not BuckS but it's been that way for a while. I like the deer as a solid primary logo, no need to switch to the alternate, although it's very nice looking. I do have to say, the Bucks have a doozy of a logo in their history. Part of me wants them to work that in somehow. It's so good but soooo corny.