Friday, April 30, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logo's: #19 Knicks

To me the Knicks have been one of those teams that barely need a logo. I mean really the team name Knicks is a tough one to illustrate with a character, so I undertand why the've pretty much used this one for most of their exsistence. I for one have never been a big lover of this logo. For the most part I would say I nothing this logo. It's plain, simple but does it's part that allows them to put something on merchandise to sell and decorate their court and PR materials. But for me it could use one simple change.

Drop the black bevel. It junks it up. Change it to the Knicks' blue or get rid of the it comepletly.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #20 Rockets

Now looking back at the Rockets' logos, they haven't had the best looking but they served their purpose. The Rockets used this logo for the longest time, almost 20 years. That logo is how I remember them in their championship days in the 90's with Hakeem "The Dream". Then they switched to the shark faced rocket in 1994 and I didn't like the change in color schemes. However,  I never thought it was that bad of a logo but it didn't need to be on the jerseys. In fact, I think that's were the Rockets have been weak. But they dropped the shark and moved to the current logo in 2003-2004 season. This logo is good not great. I like the use of sneaking in the H for Houston into the R. They did away with a basketball which is rare for NBA logos.


Really for me it comes to two things. The font is a little much and clunky but I can live with it. What bothers me the most is the removal of yellow from their identity. When a color has been a part of you since your inception, why remove it. The old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." And that sums up the Rocket logos in a nutshell. I have never hated or loved any of the logos. But each time, I didn't necessarily think a major change was needed. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of changes in Houston. Leave the logo alone and work on the colors and I think they'll be fine, as usual.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logo's: #21 Mavericks

There are a couple problems. One, it's too busy. Another team that upgraded from an extremely simple logo, this franchise used to be the joke of the NBA (minus the Clippers). So they had to change their identity once they started to turn around as a franchise. But my #2 point would be straight from the Websters dictionary: Maverick: an unbranded calf, cow, or steer esp. an unbranded calf separted from it's mother. Forget the separated from the mother part, let's focus on what animal should be used here. The definition says calf, cow, or steer. So what animal is being used here? A horse. Case-closed.


I didn't name the team and I didn't pick the logo. But I can say I would have done the research. A horse isn't a maverick. I know a steer has been done, but you are who we thought you were. Falsely identifying yourself is a big code breaker. The star has been done too, twice. Texas is a western themed state so there are a lot of options they could go with. Hell, even this is maverick. The cowboy hat logo was out dated and there is a team in Dallas named the Cowboys, but they use a star as their logo. Nothing wrong staying with your history. I don't think the Mavs logo is completely awful. It's just not correct.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #22 Grizzlies

When the Grizzlies moved to Memphis, this team never had a strong logo identity. Well let's take that a step farther. they never had any kind of strong identity. When Bryant Reeves is your most famous player in franchise history, things aren't going well. So when they first moved to Memphis they decided to keep the Grizzlies moniker, even though it didn't relate to anything whatsoever to Tennessee (didn't someone else do this?) and kept the logo and uniforms even though they were both horrid. They changed to the current logo in 2004 which was majorly overdue. And all I can say that this logo is alright. I mean what they came from it's a major upgrade. However with that said, it's kind of sleepy looking. Not boring sleepy, I mean it looks like the bear is a little unhappy but one step from closing it's eyes and falling asleep. The other logo was awful but at least the grizzly showed some ferocity. Seriously, you take those yellow eyes away an you have a napping bear. But really I don't think this is an awful logo just not a good one either.
Ways 2 Improve

I have no idea. Maybe showing a little emotion instead of having a stern looking bear. A name change would benefit them greatly (after reading a little history of the city I came up with Mules, Dream, Freedom, Music, Cotton, Soul, Spirit, and Hound Dogs). And for those of you who would like to point out that there are no tigers in Memphis either, well yes but tigers is a pretty standard team name for colleges and high schools. It's almost a stereotype. The alternate logo is okay. It's an update of the same alternate logo they had with the old scheme. Whatever they do, sleepy bear needs to be changed. especially because they actually have a nice team developing. O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph (really?) and Marc Gasol almost led them to the playoffs. One more piece and they're a a playoff team, which could lead to an increase in merchandise sales. A different identity could move them into a top 10 seller easily.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #23 Raptors

In 1995, Toronto and Vancouver were announced as the next two Canadien franchises to begin play in the NBA, Toronto having the Huskies back in the 40's. The Grizzlies are now in Memphis but the Raptors are still playing in Toronto and doing well. They have had some success in playoff berths and have developed some stars - Chris Bosh, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady - in their short exsistence. The Raptors were named out of the craze that was from the movie "Jurassic Park" and they developed this logo for their identity. Since then they dropped  the purple which was probably a good move with moving toward their Canadien heritage using the colors red, white, and black as the primaries. Some teams can use an animal playing the respective sports successfully but I found this logo to be a little silly. Another 90's overdone logo but they have made it work for 17 years now.

Luckily the Raps are moving into the right direction. I love this logo and it seems they do too. It's on their website, uniforms, and adorns their court as the main half court logo. What I love is they have found a way to take a name that was born out of a craze and make it work, something not all teams do successfully.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #24 Kings

The Kings have not had a strong logo history. The previous logo was a little dinky and out dated and needed a revamp. In 1994, the Kings changed their entire identity and switched to this detailed mess. I am not one who believes purple is bad. If you read the fantastic blog (and who inspired me to do this site) UniWatch, they are on the side that purple is death. I truly think purple can be a solid uniform color if used properly. It has treated the Lakers well, the Vikings made it work, and LSU and TCU and on and on. Purple and silver mesh well and I like the direction a team named the Kings chose to use it. It has a royalty factor that I think works (too bad 2 teams named the Kings use it). This design for Sacramento is another logo that is too 90's. Same as the Jazz and Hawks, they went crazy with the design because they could. And I don't blame them after what they came from. Biggest problem I have with this logo is the team itself doesn't reflect it anymore. The on floor product has changed away from this logo but it continues to live on.


The Kings started to use a subtle little crown that appears on the back of the team uniforms. I like it's simplistic design. It's also used to dot the "i" in Kings on their current home jersey. As dinky as their old logo was, imagine the current little crown with the half basketball below it.  Or not. The answer is not always go back to the old. But that little simple crown has some legs.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Ranking List

As I move along with the first attempt at ranking team logos, I feel I need to classify the ranking a little better. Logos 30-21, i'm classifying these as my need to change, 20-11 will be ones that could use a little tweaking but overall not too bad, and then the top ten are not to be changed. Of course, these are my opinions and I know everyone will not agree. And I'm trying to be arbitrary as possible. For example, I love the Thunder and Kevin Durant, but their logo has to go. Any feedback is whole heartedly welcomed.

Ranking Primary NBA Logos: #25 Hawks

The Hawks started this logo back in 1995 before changing colors schemes and going to this current version. They could have revamped in 2007 with one of the all-time classics. Instead, they kept they fierce looking hawk, changed the colors, and updated their font. The change in font was needed. But they could have went back to a look that brought back memories of Dominique Wilkens. This logo is too 90's. There were a lot of teams that had to go crazy once the digital design era took over. When computers took over and made detail on a design able to go to the extremes, the Hawks jumped all over it. This logo is prime example (same with the Jazz). In fact my biggest problem with this logo, it's too literal. You're the Hawks we get it.


Please, please Hawks go back to this. Revamp it, re-color it. Whatever. But it's a winner. Just don't get crazy like the Falcons did. It's clever, subtle, smooth, yet very deep. I like the new font but it doesn't need the bevel. Let's simplify. Follow the Jazz and 76ers and go back to your roots. I guarantee merchandise sales will jump through the roof.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #26 Bobcats

I hate rating this logo so low but it was something that shouldn't have happened. Charlotte had their team with a popular logo that made ZoMugsy and Grand Mama household names in the 90's. But in 2004, Charlotte was awarded an expansion team and the team (some say the owner) chose this logo. My main problem with this logo is the bobcat is non descript and bland. Bobcats have a very distinct fur pattern and especially unusual face patterns. The logo shows none of that. To me this is just a cat. Could be any cat. Bobcats have big ears as well. To me if you're going to pick a bobcat for a logo, then make it a bobcat, not a housecat.

There are rumors this whole identity may change since Michael Jeffery Jordan has taken ownership of this team, but for now they still are going to be known as the Bobcats. It seems a lot of teams come up with alternate logos that seem to outshine the main logo. The Bobcats are on this track. I like this logo. I think the 3rd logo combined with arching letters around the edges could be a winner. That looks like a bobcat. It shows the fullness of the cat's face, has more character, and blends nicely into the standard basketball in most NBA logos. A complete overhaul may be in the works though so hang tight.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ranking NBA Primary Logos:#27 Warriors

The Golden State Warriors switched to this logo in 1997 after using this oldie but goodie for a long time. The team was moving on from having gone from good times when Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway roamed the floor to when Latrell Sprewell and Chris Webber ruled the floor and put the team behind in rebuilding. Of Course Spree had his famous choking coach incident (which I thought it was funny they went to a guy choking a lightning bolt for a logo) and Webber was too expensive for what he was and they traded him in his 2nd year (long story). So this is the look they came up with. I for one never liked this logo. I'm not sure why they chose Robocop to represent them but that is what they chose. They added orange to the team color scheme as well as darkened the blue and gold from their original colors. This is another team that might change things up soon as Stephon Curry grows. His jersey could be a top seller so they will need a change to help move Warriors merchandise. They have never been a huge seller. I remember seeing Hardaway, Mullin, and Webber jerseys when I was growing up but I haven't seen a good seller from them in a while. Curry is going to change their image and the team should follow suit.


Personally I would drop the orange and go back to the royal blue and gold look. I actually think they have something with their 3rd logo. They could be able to build from that. It has a prominent presence on their website so this may be the way they are leaning. They may go in another direction completely. Either way RoboCop has to be dropped. It's too much, does not reflect well because you don't really get what he suppose to be without seeing the Warriors name attached to it. Plus I think it looks like he is doing something with that certain male part.

Ranking NBA Primary Logos: #28 Jazz

When the New Orleans Jazz moved to Utah in 1979, they chose to keep the Jazz name even though there is nothing really "jazzy" about the state. Utah is a magestic state with mountains, deserts, salt lakes, and wild life galore. But they chose to keep the moniker and really would you have any other way? But back in the late 90's they changed from an all time classic, to this, to the current version as you see now. They tried after all that time to incorporate what makes Utah such a beautiful state into their look. Problem is it was too late. The Jazz are known for the music note "J" logo. They at least simplified the current logo and took out some of the earth tones but still that's not the Jazz logo. This is one of those times in sports where a team changed for change sakes. But you are who you are and it should have never been changed so dramatically.


Luckily the good folks in Utah won't have to wait long. The Jazz are exptected to change back to the music note logo next season. I haven't heard whether thye are keeping the current color scheme, but they started to work it in already this season. Great move and just like the 76ers last year, it proves some looks shouldn't go. Kudos to the Jazz...

Ranking Primary NBA Logo's: #29 Wizards

Oh, if things could be they way they used to be? In 1995, the Washington Bullets changed to the Wizards due to increasing violence and homicides inside the nation's capital (although the Bullets logo was very tame and thank goodness it wasn't the team name with Gilbert Arenas's antics this year). This logo is what was released and has been the primary logo since with few changes except for a slight color alteration. At the time, the logo change was fine. But I never really got this one. A bearded old man in pajamas is not exactly intimidating (I would rather they use Walt Williams instead). They cleverly worked in a "W" with the shape of the beard. But I always found this to be a difficult logo to figure out at first glance.

I know it's cliche of sorts and I like the Wizards current colors, however if you're a team in the United States of America's capital city and you choose any colors besides red, white, and blue, it just seems off. The only one that has a pass is of course the Redskins, but that a whole "pc" battle that has been going on for years. So I would work on going back to the red, white, and blue colors. As for other changes, I would go with more of a word mark type logo. Or, I actually really like the little "DC" logo they came up with. I think roll with that and ditch Dumbledore, and they could have something.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ranking Primary NBA Logo's: #30 OKC Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder. Great young team with Kevin Durant leading the next wave of NBA Hall of Famers. Other great young players like Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, and James Harden are transforming this once woeful, new franchise that was famously relocated from Seattle. But this logo is not good especially with a team name like the Thunder combined with what a beauty of a logo and team name they changed from, the Supersonics. The logo is actually kind of pretty with it's bright color scheme and pleasing to the eye for it's flow and energy. But the look shows nothing "Thunderous" except for the word "Thunder". When I first saw this I  naturally thought that it would be changed almost immediately since they had little time to get the franchise settled and going. We've see a lot of teams with their original design scrapped after they finally were approved for a team. But they went with it and it has stuck. Maybe as the team grows, the logo will as well. I like the Thunder and I watched them become men with a win over the Lakers the other night. But this has to go and soon. To me it feels like a WNBA logo. Not the kind of look you want to go with in the NBA.

Ways 2 Improve

Anything really. I like the Buffalo mascot. Something along those lines would be something that is not used by any current team not located in Buffalo. Or go with a storm and cloulds look. But you have to associate your team name with either the name itself or something that has to do with the area. So come on Thunder, you got the players but you need to get "The Look".

Welcome! AZ Cardinals unveil new look

Welcome to "The Look". There are thousands of pro sports teams around the world. No matter which country they exist, all pro sports teams have two elements: logos and uniforms. I have bought hundreds of jerseys in my day from all of the major sports in America including soccer. I am always scouring the net for new logos, new jerseys, and changes in the ofiicial look teams put out onto the field. As a fan I actually chose one of my favorite teams all becasue when I was young, I loved one certain logo: the New England Patriots. The old "Pat Patriot" logo was my first love. I use to collect NFL team pencils when I was in elementary school and it was by far my favorite. With that said my first bit of news...

The Arizona Cardinals unveiled a new look. The Cards did exactly one of the major things I hate in sports. They chose to go with a black alternate. I hate when teams do this. It's lazy, uninspired, and most of the time doesn't make sense for most teams. In this case, ask yourself what color is a cardinal? Answer is not black. They are red which is why they should stay red. Bad, bad, bad stuff. The uniform itself doesn't look all that bad. I do think they look a little too much like the Atlanta Falcons which really hurts the team identity. Hopefully, they don't play the Falcons and choose to wear these. It could be hard to tell who is who just at a quick glance.
In general, the Cards unis are okay looking. They have a little too much flare but after years of being an awful team with a unifrom that seemed more in touch with Arizona than the team moniker, I understand they wanted to do something different to open the best new venue in sports. But blech to the black.