Thursday, August 19, 2010

BIG post: NFL Logo #27 Ravens, New NBA Unis

Big post today. I had to work a lot the last couple days and couldn't get to some of the news going on. Continuing the NFL Logo countdown, we have #27 the Ravens. I have never been a big fan of any of their logos. At least the ones they slap on their helmets. For those of you who don't know, the Ravens actually debuted with no raven on the helmet but rather a crest with wings. However, there was a lawsuit over the creation. Well, the guy won but got no money from the suit and the Ravens changed their logo. Personally, I would have just taken pride in the fact that the team was using my logo and just got them to agree to credit me as the designer and some free swag every year. But that guy got a lose-lose. All he has is that Wikipedia entry to show for it. And what a cheap move by the Ravens, but what do you expect from an owner who moved the Browns (note, Cleveland kind of had this coming because he wanted a new stadium and they said no right after they had just gave the Indians a new one. Still a shady move, but hey it's his team. All fans remember that. Owners actually own the team. They are the ones that really win or lose, risking their own bank rolls. It sad, but true.) Anyways, when it comes down to it, a simplification of the logo is all they need. Here is a mock I whipped up:

See, doesn't that look cleaner? They can keep the raven head and use it else wear.  
In other news the NBA has a foursome of new uniforms. The biggest one being the Cavs officially de-LeBroned themselves, ditching the uniforms they changed to when they drafted the King. Those are some new beauties. It's a shame their is not one single player I would want to buy their jersey on that team. Maybe Varejo but he's not the type player that is going to stay there. He'll be a role player on several NBA teams in his career. Let it be known though, these uniform changes have to be approved months in advance. So LeBron was probably still shooting left handed free throws with the Cavs while these were being approved by the league.

Next we have the Timberwolves who kept the same basic design but ditched the green. Whatever. It's not really that big of a change to get all crazy about but personally I liked the green thrown in there. I feel like they went a little bland with the change to gray. Also seems really silly since they just updated their uniforms last year and green has always been in their color scheme (I like that logo better anyways).

Next is the Jazz who have music noted themselves and look great. I was afraid the Jazz were going to color overload but I like it. And to answer that report I linked to: Yes, they did. I love the road jerseys. The white version of the Jazz logo pops on it. Although, I do find it weird each set emphasizes a different color scheme. The whites seem to favor green and the roads highlight blue and yellow. Hey, smoke'em if you got them, right. It might be smart in the long run because then could move to a green alt or yellow alt. They've got some option with all those colors.

And finally we have the Clippers. Just some tweaking with added piping. I do like the new red with the Los Angeles script. But seriously after reading this article on Donald Sterling's latest thoughts, who cares. As Pirates fan, I can honestly say the Nuttings aren't the worst owners in pro sports. Go Bucs!

More NFL Rankings tomorrow!

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