Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Been A While...MLB Teams Who Can't Find Themselves.

Yes, I know. It has been a while. Let me just say it's not that I'm too busy or don't want to work on this blog. It's actually the opposite. I am very close to getting a new computer with all the Adobe software I can handle. And I really want to get it so I can edit and show my thoughts, just not type them out and let anyone reading guess what I am talking about. My passion is still there, I just got frustrated with my product. I want it to be better, a lot better. So since I'm close to getting what I want, I'm ready to dive back in. So, with no further delay, here is my new project. I have been looking around at what teams are doing, and what they have been wearing. I've been watching baseball and soccer all summer. While watching some baseball, I have a few teams in mind that just don't seem to know what to do with themselves. Their looks are confusing, and just don't make any sense. And as I looked there are teams like this in all the upper echelons of pro sports in America. I'm going to start with the MLB teams since it's their season right now.

The first team I've picked to do this is the Washington Nationals. The Nats, well they are all over the place. First thing, lets breakdown all their current combos (note these are from the MLB galleries so you might have to scroll through to see what I'm talking about):
1. Home whites
2. Road grays
3. Red Alt
4. Blue DC Alt

When you look at all those combos, there are so many mismatches in identities it's scary. The home whites have the classic curly W logo, with a modern looking font on the jerseys. The road grays and red alts look good from the front and almost completely match for what would be a great look. Then you see the backs and they use the modern font for the numbers. All 3 have the the modern, solid colored DC logo sleeve patch. Then lastly the the blue DC alt. Not much to describe for those besides awful. Why they want to throw a Stars and Stripes theme into the logo is quite the conundrum. Especially since they use the regular DC logo on their other jersey sleeves. One a side note, the blue jersey is the only one that actually looked respectable with those MLB American Pride hats they made every team wear including Toronto, but wisely made them in Canada's colors.

The Nationals don't seem to know whether they want a modern look or a classic look. Or if they want to be identified as the team name, city, or city nickname. Here are my quick fixes, without a major overhaul to all.

1. Use the solid DC logo on the home red cap paired with the modern number font.
2. Keep the road grays with the navy hat and use the curly W logo. Drop the modern fonts and use a plain block number scheme.
3. Burn the Stars and Stripes DC crap or just put the regular DC logo instead.
4. Drop Nationals name all together and just rename them the Washington Strasburgs or drop Washington and call them the Strasburg Nationals. Sounds like a city right?
5. Move back to Montreal and re-become the Expos. At least they looked cool.

The Nationals have a lot of potential with their uniforms but they've just thrown too many elements together. If you are going to have the biggest name in baseball on your team, fix it so you sell even more gear.

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