Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ranking NFL Logos: #28 Falcons

You know, sometimes when I first see a changed logo, I get all excited and think it's such an upgrade over the previous version. Then time passes and as I see it more, it's luster wears off. Then I begin to hate said logo. Case in point, the Falcons. When they debuted the new version, I thought they nailed it. It looks more like an "F". It's meaner looking. More colorful.

But then I started to waver, a lot. And it really came to a head when the Falcons did what so many other teams have done, they throw on a throwback uniform. And after seeing that, it was all clear to me. That's what the Falcons should look like. That is a top 5 uniform. The striping is gorgeous. The red on the jerseys pop out at you. The red helmet has the perfect contrast with the black logo. The logos on the shoulders perfectly compliment the logos on the helmet. It has everything. But sadly, they only wear the throwback two times a year.

If you compare the current to the old, it's no contest. I understand why the Falcons moved away from the old set. The old red helmet set looked like the Georgia Bulldogs, even more so when the Bulldogs decided to look like the old Falcons with their black ensemble (UG did that way, way after the Falcons changed). So they had to evolve. But when all the Vick shit hit the fan, that was the perfect time to move away from that and restore a pre-Vick look. Go back to a time before your quarterback was a full blown dog fighter. There is still time for that. Hey at least we get to see the throwbacks twice a year. All year would be better.

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  1. I might have to disagree & say I like the new look. You pointed out that the new look better resembles an F, & I think that's the selling point for me. I don't understand the old Falcon. Is he supposed to be an F, too?