Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ranking NFL Logo's: #30 Titans

Warning video has sound.

Hey, hey. I got my new toys. I was playing all day and came up with that video for the logos. As you can see my #30 ranked team is the Titans. I find a few things wrong with the Titans logo. One, the flames. Do we need them? I say no. And why have blue flames. If you are going to go with fire, I would think you would want bright blazing fire. Not simmering flicker flames that you might find on your common gas stove in the kitchen. You are playing football not simmering Hamburger Helper. Next, they kept the Oilers colors. Shame on them. If you are going to take the time to completely move a team and change it's identity, go all the way. Plus, it robbed Houston from bringing back their sweet former look. Finally, this is one of those logos that was kind of cool when it debuted, but now it's past it's prime. And not just the logo but the whole Titans look in general. It's dated. And the solid baby blue uniforms are awful. I'm not a fan of solid color uniforms in general, but that one is real bad.

So now that I have my new toys, here are a couple ideas for a changes. On one I dropped the flames and made it a shield and the other i took the current helmet, flipped it to baby blue, and altered the emblem.

What do you think? Not bad for my first stab at doing this.

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