Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ranking NFL Logo's: #29 Detroit Lions

This is not going to be long entry. The Lions did what a some teams decide to do, change when there was no need. The lions had a perfectly good logo, and chose to first add black with made no sense and in turn transformed their uniforms into the Carolina Panther 2. Then they go and add details to the previous, which was not needed. Shame, shame. They had a perfectly iconic logo. It was so simple it was perfect. I didn't need claws, an eye, and fur patterns to realize that I was looking at a lion. Just one of the many reasons this franchise hasn't won anything. I didn't mind the change in fonts and if they wanted to tweak the number font, that's fine. But, come on. Seriously. They needed to add that crap. Especially, when you are looking at their helmets on the field, you can't see the details. What's wrong with the silver and blue?...nothing.

Seriously, was the old lion not "liony" enough?

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