Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NFL Primary Logo Rankings: #31 Texans

I have never really got into the Texans since they came into the league. To me, I forget that they are a part of the NFL. They really haven't done much since becoming the 32nd franchise in 2002. Although that could change this year. They keep coming up as the team to look out for...for 3 straight years. And still nothing. In their defense, they have the Colts and Peyton Manning in their division. The Jaguars and Titans too. All 3 have been legit Super Bowl contenders or playoff teams every year since the Texans joined the league. I think my biggest disappointment in their look is twofold. One, they chose a name that was already used by an NFL franchise, the Dallas Texans who then became the Kansas City Chiefs. And two, I loved, loved, loved the old Houston Oilers logo and uniforms. The baby blue, one of the best helmets ever, Warren Moon, and the run and shoot offense. Loved it! I wanted them to be the Oilers again. When I was a kid, I fell in love with two team logos: the New England Patriots and the Houston Oilers (I grew up in Pittsburgh Steelers' country but that team just didn't resonate with me. I don't know why, they just didn't.) So I had two teams I was being pulled in by (well, three. I also liked the 49ers but I was a kid and they had Montana and Rice and were winning Super Bowls. I also liked the gold and red and they're were beasts on Super Tecmo Bowl. But that didn't last long.) So after much long debate, one of the worst defeats a team could go through, and the drafting of a player who was my boy after watching him in college, the New England Patriots became my team. And I'm glad I did. I couldn't have stomached when the Oilers left and then giving me the Texans.

In the reincarnation of Houston football. I have three problems with the Texans logo. One, at first glance, what the hell is it? You eventually get it's a bull. Two, it's really hard to try yo give a 2D logo and 3D effect. Slanting and proportions of each side are the way to do it but when you try to do it too much it looks awkward. And three, red, white, and blue colors plus a recycled nickname...how original. You chose the same color scheme as 4 other teams in the league already.  If you were going to go with those colors, at least match it to your city's flag. Sorry Houston, but it could have been better. But beggars can't be choosers for you. You have to love this team and from what I've seen you do. Good for you...

2010 Uniform: Home, Road, and Alternate

The Texans have been pretty much rolling with the same designs since their inception. Although at the first official unveiling (the video is the first the rally where they announced the team name. Could funny things from it. Bob McNair talked about the will wear Battle Red and the team wore blue, He said he chose something as a proud Texan, to represent all of Texas. I think the Cowboys might be scared by that. Or they just build the holy mecca of football stadiums. And a side note, a Skittle commercial ran before the video and it had a grown up Jake Berman from Little Giants. He called for the Annexation of Puerto Rico play in the movie or "Fumblerooski"), the team showed a white helmet but later changed it to the nave blue. Also some teams just look better in a certain set of uniforms. The Texans look really sharp in their red alternates. One of the better alternate uniforms in the league. It should maybe be their actual home uniform instead of the blue. Although the all red is fugly. Uniform wise, I was hard on them but it's really not that bad of a total look. Could be better though.

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