Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who Are We? The Blue Jays?

There are some things that don't make sense with baseball uniforms when it comes to colors in team names. The White Sox don't wear white socks. The Red Sox don't wear red socks. But the Blue Jays seemed confused and I can't forgive them for their mistake. I have no problems with them adding black. In fact it's actually more realistic to what a blue jay looks like. But here in lies the problem; the breadown of the uniform combos:
1. Home white 2. Road gray 3. Black Alternate
4. Throwback Alternate

See the dominating tone. It's black. Except for the throwback alternate. But then they go and over do it with the blue. Baby blue is the new black. Seems like evey team is trying to throw it in somewhere. What the big shame is is there was nothing wrong with their previous 2 uniforms( 1992 WS, Clemens era. This logo was kind of stupid). Personally, I hate the overdone beveling on the lettering. They had a classic font. That's what the Blue Jays look like to me. So, here are my quick fixes:

1. Flip the primary colors. More blue less black. Hell, even change black to navy blue.
2. Drop the beveling from the letters.
3. Change the throw back blue to the version they wore in 1992.
4. Bring back the blue and white hat. It could be their niche.
5. Embrace the Canadian leaf again. As the only Canadian team left in MLB, own it.

Overall, I really don't like the new blue jay face with the "J" logo. The old school blue jay with the little red maple leaf, and the stripe style font need to come back. Until the Blue Jays embrace who they are, they are stink-o looking. My feelings on them, they are going to be a while before they can pass the Yanks, Red Sox, and Rays for a World Series. At least come up with a look that will sell gear. As of now, I wouldn't buy any of their new stuff. Which is sad, because I would love to have some their stuff. The Joe Carter walk off home run was one of my favorite baseball memories. I could get behind that. Right now, not so much...

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